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frequently asked questions

Holiday apartment with private sauna & garden in the Lechtal | Tyrol

We recommend to check directly after arrival if the lodge equipment is complete and in function. Please note that we can not consider subsequent complaints.

Our bakery Dengel delivers daily, except Sunday.

HERE you will find his selection. The bread bag hangs on the coat rack.

It is best to order the day before by What`s app or by telephone or SMS.
Hang the bag on the hook (silver stag) outside the front door in the evening. It will be filled directly from the baker the next morning. You will be billed by Viktoria at the end of your stay. Please keep your order notes for this.

Those who arrive with an e-car can charge their car free of charge with us.
Plug in and go`s. The power of the charging station is 11kw/h.

There are no costs!

The shower in the garden has a fixed hot and cold water installation. Please do not shut off the water at the wall connection. In the winter months the water is turned off completely.

The garden light switches on at dusk and switches off automatically at about 10:30 pm. Both in summer and winter.

The lawn robot in GARTEN LODGE is constantly in operation during the summer months and ensures a cleanly mowed lawn.

The operating hours are Mon-Sun from 18:00 to 19:00. During this time it is better if there are no objects (deck chairs) on the lawn.

Please do not use the robot as a "toy" and let it perform its services unhindered.

If you run out of coal, you can find supplies in the top shelf of the trash room.

Practical tips on how to use the grill can be found here:

Please do not forget to clean the grill at the end and if the grill is completely cooled downIt must be covered again with the protective tarpaulin!

Your apartment is equipped with an internet radio. With it, you can listen to your favorite station even in our home. Furthermore, the radio is connected to Spotify and thus provides a comprehensive music library. A USB port ensures that music can also be played directly from a storage device.

We provide you with an iPad in each lodge. This iPad is pre-programmed to surf the Internet with W-LAN "Viktoria Lodges2" in about 15m from the house.

Changing the setting or using other apps except Safari is not possible.

The light in the entrance area is connected to a motion sensor and cannot be switched on or off separately. The light in the living room (above the coffee table) and in the kitchen is connected to a dimmer system that is preset. In the event of a power failure, the light brightness must be reset:

  1. Switch on the light: The light intensity changes slowly
  1. Switch the light on and off within 2 seconds: Light intensity changes slowly, now wait until the light intensity is as you want it.
  1. Switch off light, wait 5 sec. and switch on again. The setting is stored.

The deck chairs are weatherproof. However, we ask you to put the upholstery in the garden box provided for this purpose in case of precipitation, so that they are not damaged and the following guests, like you, can enjoy them.

In the Lechtal Lodge please put the upholstery on the wardrobe in the bedroom.

The awning works with a Remote controlwhich is located in the bedroom directly next to the balcony door to the terrace. There are only three buttons:

The awning is equipped with a Wind and rain sensor equipped.
However, we still recommend the following when not in use to retract the mark.

Please look after our environment and separate your household waste.

We're splitting up:

  • Glass,
  • Aluminium cans (metal),
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Plastics and composites - in the large containers, including Tetra Paks.
  • Compost/Biowaste
  • Residual waste. Handkerchiefs and kitchen towels are residual waste with us.
  • Ashes from the grill

You have excellent coffee from Nespresso in your lodge. If you need more tabs, let us know and we will deliver them to you free of charge.

  1. Switch on, (As long as the machine is heating up all lights flash. à approx. 35 sec.)
  2. Place cup underneath, lever up, insert coffee tab, lever down.
  3. Select coffee size (small, medium, large) using the button. The coffee quantity is pre-programmed.

If the keys light up red, please refill with water. If this is still the case, please contact Viktoria.

Please empty the tab container regularly. To do this, simply pull the drip tray forward.

The coffee machine switches to standby mode after 30 minutes. Press the On/Off switch again.

Please always park in such a way that there is room for two vehicles and the doors of the garbage and storage room can be opened easily.

We ask you to always use a towel as a base. Keep the sauna clean. The heater housing and stones get very hot and can cause burns. Keep your children away from the heater and supervise them in the sauna. Do not enter the sauna when you are under the influence of narcotics. A long stay in the sauna leads to an increase in body temperature, which can be dangerous.
Please do not leave the spoon for infusion in the water after the sauna session.

Operation of the sauna:

    The sauna needs about 45 minutes to reach the operating temperature (90°C).


  • Presses the 1 key

You will see the set temperature and then the actual temperature. The furnace starts heating immediately.

  • Set temp. à Press M

Use +/- to change to the desired temperature. Press M again and you will see the remaining switch-on time. Press M again to end the settings.

  • Press key 1 to switch off the oven

Switch on sauna with timer/delay:

  • Button 2

The elapsed time until power on is displayed. The furnace is then switched on.

  • Set time Presses M

Use +/- to set the duration. Press M again. Sets the temperature. End with M key.

  • Press key 1 to switch off the oven


  • Switch on the sauna

Turn the timer switch in section A to 4. The sauna starts heating immediately and turns off automatically after 4 hours.

  • Switch on sauna with preselection time

Sets the timer switch in section B to your desired preset time (up to 8 hours before). Takes into account that the sauna needs about 45 minutes to reach the desired operating temperature.

Example: It is 12 noon and you want to enter the sauna at 4 pm. Turn the switch in section B to 3, i.e. after 3 hours, i.e. at 3 p.m., the sauna is automatically switched on and at 4 p.m. it has the required operating temperature 😉

Safe instructions are also located in the bedroom cabinet and are very easy to use.

Safe Garden Lodge:

Enter your personal code:

1. open the safe
2. presses the red button on the inside of the door at the hinges
Two beeps will sound and the yellow LED will start to light up. You now have 20 seconds Time to enter the new code. (3 to 8-digit number)
4. confirms the end of the input with the B Button
5. two beeps are heard and the yellow LED goes out.

Opening the safe:

1. give the Code on and confirms the input with the B Button.
2. the safe opens. -> If an incorrect entry is made three times, the lock is blocked for 20 seconds.

Safe Lechtal Lodge:

The ski boot dryer is put into operation automatically by hanging up the boots. The radiator in the activated bars (52°C) heats daily between 6 and 11 pm.

Please use only the dishwashing detergent tabs intended for this purpose in the dishwasher. Please do not use liquid dishwashing detergent.

Can be prepared either with the lowest button on the coffee maker (large cup) or separately with the kettle.

Do you have a Thermomix at home? Then you can cook with us just as comfortably with a Thermomix. All you need to do is bring your Thermomix Cook Key and we will provide you with the Thermomix free of charge.

In the Garden Lodge there are three TV sets. A 55" 4K Curved TV in the living room and a 42" TV in each bedroom.

In the Lechtal Lodge there are two TV sets. A 49" TV in the living room and a 42" TV in the bedroom.

On the remote control for the TV sets in the bedroom, the bottom two buttons can be pressed as well as moved up and down to change channels and adjust the volume.

All TV sets are connected to the SAT antenna and pre-configured with German channels.

Your apartment has a W-LAN connection. Please just log in with all your devices on the wifi.

The pull-out sofa is equipped with a high-quality mattress and is suitable for two adults.

It's easy to take it off:
Grasp the top of the backrest and pull it forward until it is completely unfolded.


With us you can conveniently Credit card or Bank transfer. We accept MASTER Card and VISA.

Just send us a quick message: +43 676 7292670

Only use the mute function of the smoke detector after you have made sure that there is no dangerous situation due to a fire breaking out!

If a false alarm has been triggered, you can test the smoke detector by pressing the middle test button for a short time.
Mute time. Presses the test button briefly and the sound of the smoke detector is muted for a short time.

The smoke detector is muted and changes for about 10 minutes to a phase with a reduced
Sensitivity. After completion of the reset cycle, the smoke detector will automatically regain its full sensitivity

Never ignore a warning signal. If the smoke detector goes off, emits a warning signal, and you are not absolutely sure of the source of the smoke, please all leave the house immediately.

Dr. Hofmann & Dr. Jäger in Elbigenalp
Tel: 05634/6222
Office hours:

Dr. Karin Haß-Schletterer in Holzgau
43 5633 5211 

Please put the vacuum cleaner back in the anteroom after use.

During the office hours of Dr. Hofmann & Dr. Jäger in Elbigenalp

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